XDA: Orient Express Pro Street Rule Revision

In order to maintain parity at the XDA in the Orient Express Pro Street category, there have been a few revisions to select combos in the class that are effective immediately.

The current rules allowed turbo liter bikes to also use nitrous oxide. The quickest turbocharged liter bikes in the class are not even using Nitrous Oxide, and there is no reason to keep allowing it for them to go even quicker. Orient Express Pro Street is now a one power adder class for ALL combos.

We have given more wheelbase, a lighter Minimum Weight and Unlimited Engine Displacement to Plain Engine Bearing Nitrous Bikes (Hayabusas). The Roller Bearing Nitrous Bikes (GS Platform) are left unchanged.

We have also allowed the lighter riders on the Big Bore Turbo bikes to now run at 69 and gave some weight deductions to the heavier riders on Big Bore Turbo Bikes.

We are also allowing all bikes to modify their tank shell or fuel tank to get to the approved seat height in the class to keep it fair for all combos.

Rule Revisions are indicated in Red ??




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