MTC Engineering supports the XDA racers

MTC Engineering continues their support as the title sponsor of the MTC Engineering Summer Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park on May 20-22, 2022.

MTC Engineering is also an XDA contingency sponsor and has posted a total contingency this year of $15,600 for their Gen 1 multi-stage lock-ups, Gen 2 multi-stage lock-ups, Slider clutches and MTC Pistons.

A huge thank you goes to Eric Hochstetler from MTC Engineering for his support of the XDA racers!

For more info on MTC Engineering, visit their website at

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2022 XDA Schedule
Apr 22-24 at MIR
May 20-22 at VMP
Jun 17-19 at MIR
July 22-24 at MIR
Aug 26-28 at VMP
Sept 23-25 at MIR



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