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Patrick Wise
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Wiseguys Racing Pro Stock Suzuki


D-O-B: February 22,1968 BirthTown: Palmer, Mass. HomeTown: Palmer, Mass.

The 'WiseGuy' racing team.

Wise guys are supposed to be smart mouthed. Patrick Wise is smart, but he's quiet, polite, and calm. He claims some think he's not friendly because he rarely smiles, but when I (Dwight) talked with him, his smile emerged frequently. He's also known as the 'Iceman', because he displays little emotion, especially when he's concentrating. Learn more about this 'Wiseguy' who also the 'Iceman'…simply by reading and clicking…

Do you have a nickname?

"Ice Man….Bob Thompson, half of my crew chief team (my dad is the other half) was walking through the staging lanes, and observed me preparing for my run, and said. 'You look like ice, nothing bothers you. They ought to call you the Iceman.' The name stuck."

Who are your Heroes?

"My dad and Paul Gast, Dave Schultz, John Myers…and my entire crew on the race team."

What are (or have been) your scariest moments?

" I had a throttle stick on me, first year at Prostar. Our new frame was sandblasted and powder coated, but sand got into the gas. My first pass was uncontrollable. I headed to the wall, and got within six inches of it, but I was able to keep the bike away and rode it to a stop. (Whew!) Later I had a wheelie bar break on the starting line."

Do you work out?

"Like a fiend. I don't eat well, but I work out with a passion."

Do you have a special diet?

"Not really. I eat well Monday through Friday, but I let loose on the weekends."

What mental routine prepares you for each run?

"I use the Dale Walker method of mental runs through your head, but if I think too much I make mistakes. I don't keep too much of a routine, I try to keep 'em guessing."

Do you have time for a hobby?

"Yes, Working out. Bikes were my hobby, now it's my profession. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, Janet and her two kids."

Many motorcyclists ride to unravel, what do you do to unwind?

"Working out. I let loose, push some weight around, and have fun relaxing and working out."

What personal quality (one trait) would you want to be admired for?

"Hopefully, just to be a nice guy. You realize real fast how hard it is in this sport to make the bike go as fast as those pros who make it look easy."

What's most important? 1.Fame 2.Money 3.Thrill/fun 4.Winning

"Health, family and friends…and just having fun."

Are you happy?

"Extremely. I'm pursuing things that I love."

What could make you happier?

"My big goal is to go to an NHRA event and qualify."

If you could change one thing about motorcycle drag racing, what would it be?

"Figure out a way to make it more fan friendly, so we could have more fans. Do some of the WWF stuff…maybe a Ferris wheel...things for kids to do so that more of an audience shows up. That might make it more feasible to get sponsorship, even on the sportsman level. I've been trying to build a good foundation with EMC Corporation for the last two years."

When driving a car, do you always wear a seatbelt? 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. If yes, really?

"No. I never wore a seat belt until I met Janet. Now I try to always."

What does 185 miles an hour on a motorcycle feel like?

"Like nothing else. Nothing I can compare it to. I've never done any thing more thrilling. It's the reason I do it. Seven and a half second acceleration to 185 mph does everything for me."

Where do you find the most peace in your life?

"With Janet at the end of the day, regardless of what day, and we have an hour or two together.

Do you have a full-time occupation?

"QA Software Engineering Technician. I test software and try to break it."

You're a skilled racer…What factor separates you from the fast traffic on smooth public highways?

"I'm as cautious as I can be. I drive like a grandpa. I get nervous on the street. I sold all my street bikes."

What got you started in Motorcycle drag racing?

"Racing is something in my blood. My dad raced oval tracks. A 55 Chevy. But he sold out everything when I was born. It's in my blood. In my genes."

Additional Comments?

"Can I think about that?"

Patrick thought about and emailed this fine response…

"I would just like to thank everyone involved in the race team, first and foremost my entire crew, on and off the scenes, every single person is equally important to the success of this team. My primary sponsor, EMC for their financial help, all of our associate sponsors. A special thanks to George Bryce and the Star Racing team for all of their help the past few years. George builds great horsepower. I would also like to tip my hat to my fellow racers. They are a bunch of hard working, talented people. I have a lot of respect for them, and enjoy racing with and against them."

I was going to tag Patrick with the adjective stalwart, which describes him, but opted for a more simple word …fit…which he is… But this wise guy is also a good guy, so I had to dig deeper to find a stronger word. I found one in its adjective form that means calm, a word I believe could take this WiseGuy, this Iceman to the level he seeks. Gary agreed. Patrick Wise is…


Pictures from the Wiseguys site; more soon!