Hawaya Racing Introduces New All Billet Aluminum Carburetor

After many years of design changes and modifications to the S&S fuel carburetor, Hawaya Racing Products now manufacturers an all new billet aluminum Nitro carburetor in house.

"I started modifying my first Nitro carb, an "L" Series S&S Fuel carb, back in the mid-80ís in an attempt to get more performance from my bike. After several years, S&S came out with the "B" Series Fuel carb and again I began experimenting with the design to enhance the performance. I added circuits, changed the venturi shape and size, all in an effort to get more performance. For many years, this was the "must have" carburetor if you were going to run Nitro. As engine development and size improved over the years, again S&S stepped up their program by introducing the "D" Series Fuel carb. Yet again, I went to work re-designing and modifying the new carb for more performance. Up until about a year ago, I was always making little changes to the carbs in an attempt to improve them, but at that point, the design seemed to be quite good. It was then that I felt good about building our own totally billet carburetor. With the addition of our CNC machining center the first of this year, it was a no-brainer states Johnny Vickers!

This new carb, along with our new wheels, is just a few of the many new products that HRP will be introducing over the next few months. I have a very long list of new products to bring to life now that we can design and machine all of our components in house."

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