Johnny Vickers headed to the NHRA Lucas Oil Screamin Eagle Series race in Virginia, presented by the Harley Davidson Motor Company this past weekend with 2 goals in mind, continue with the development of the Gen-4 Derringer engine package and to also advance in his quest to be the first Pro Fueler to ever run a 6 second pass.

The weather was going to be challenging for the 2 day event, that was a fact. Cool, but wet conditions were the call, with on and off again rain. On Friday qualifying, Johnny ran a 7.35 ET pass off the truck, then proceeded to run a 7.23 ET pass in the second and last round to take the #1 spot. 2) Dennis Fisher, Dayton, Ohio, '16 Hawaya, 7.440, 167.34 3) Janette Thornley, Mocksville, N.C., '15 HRP, 7.561, 170.97 4) Tyler Wilson, Walnut Cove, N.C., '15 HRP, 7.680, 159.10 5) John McConnell, Darlington, Md., '10 HRP, 12.651, 66.17

Come Saturday, it was game on. In the first round, Johnny had the bye run and wanting to give the fans what they paid to see, ran under his own national record set last year at 7.14 seconds by clocking a 7.116 @ 176.14 MPH. Janette advanced over Tyler and Dennis advanced over John to all meet up in the semi’s. In the second round, Janette almost pulled off the perfect light -.004 Red, but Johnny not seeing Janette’s light never lifted. "All of a sudden I felt the engine rev and the front end started falling back to earth. I knew I was going up in smoke. I did a very quick peddle job as Janette shot out in front of me. The Terminater bike didn’t let me down and hoisted the front end back in the air and I got as small as I could get to try and run Janette back down. About 1000 feet, I had caught back up to her and went on the take the win with a 7.319 pass to her 7.437 ET said Johnny.

Dennis had the bye run to advance to face off against Johnny in the finals. Rain was approaching and the teams had to do 25 minute turn arounds, so there was no time for looking at data or changing tune up, just gas and go! In the finals, Dennis got a slight advantage over Johnny on the tree, but by 60’ that was negated. "I felt the tire spin, then hook, then spin and hook again. Dennis got out a little in front of me but then the Gen-4 got traction and I shot out in front of him. All of a sudden, just before the 1/8th mile mark, the engine started to rev up and the bike to slow down, I had sheared the bolts off the engine pulley leaving me dead in the water. Dennis went on to win with a 7.391 ET. The track was really different on Saturday due to the rain on Friday night. Everybody was killing chains, I went through a chain every pass. The starting line was good, but out 60-100’, we would lose traction and then, just hook really hard again. I am sure that this was the reason I finally sheared the front pulley off.

Johnny’s next race on the Terminater bike will be at the Man Cup event at Rockingham Dragway, in North Carolina on June 11-12.

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