Spy Photos-Dennis Fisher Pro Fuel

Done! 2/24

Dennis Fisher and new crew chief, Larry Stanley stopped by the shop today for the initial start-up of their new HRP built, Derringer powered Pro Fueler! All went according to plan and they loaded it up and headed out for the first race of the season, the NHRA Lucas Oil event in Baytown Texas. Buddy and Janette along with Tyler Wilson are also headed that way. I hear Rocky Jackson and Lloyd Stenerson and some others plan to attend. It should be good. I will try to keep the site up to date as I will be there tuning for Janette.

2/21 Update

Here I go again on those exhaust pipes that will never work…..LOL. It really is not that easy to get them to have the proper spacing, fit in the allotted space and be relatively easy to remove and re-install, but I manage. Dennis chose to have his foot pegs located a little farther to the rear than me or Janette did, but I think it will work out ok for him.

We are getting down to the short rows now. I have most all of the front end, fairing, master cylinders, fuel cell, etc. all in place. It gets real busy up there and it takes some time to make sure it all works together. I still have yet to install the windscreen and dash.

I have the Racepak all wired up, most of the ignition system wired up and the fuel system almost complete.

We will install all the clutch components and belt guard tomorrow. Steve will complete the wiring as well. Our goal is to be ready to start first thing Tuesday morning. That being said, I think we will take the rest of the weekend off and watch the Daytona 500.

2/17 Update

After I had all the chassis tabs installed and welded out, I started fabing up the rear exhaust pipe so I could then begin laying out all the components needed to make the bike come to life.

I try to improve things a bit on each build as I gain more on track experience. This being the case here, I moved the coil mounts to a position in-between the motor plates. As we make the chassis lower and narrower to decrease drag, space becomes a premium. By moving the coils between the motor plates, it allows easy access to them if necessary to change them out quickly and also allows for more space under the seat area for the other components need to make the Derringer perform.


Update on Dennis Fisher’s Pro Fueler. Pete and I mounted the Terminater style bodywork over the weekend and finished tabbing out the chassis for the side panels. Next on the list is to fab up the lower tray and tire shield and get them installed. Steve has one standoff left to run on the CNC and all the motor plates will be completed. Once that is done, I will install the Derringer and get on with the final assembly.

Things are hopping around here right now as the season fast approaches. I have attached some spy pics of Dennis Fisher’s new Pro Fueler. The first thing I did was to have Pete Browne built the new sit up style chassis. I have it up on the jig table now, fabing all the mounts for the fuel cell and upper fairing as well as the motor plates that will accept the Terminater style clutch set up.

Dennis will use the Derringer engine that I built originally for the bike he rode last year. I am in the process of rebuilding it now and putting it back to HRP specs.

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