Redneck Express Returns to Racing for the 38th Year running Top Fuel!

Rain wins again in Memphis

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The crew for this race consisted of Crewchief Sharon Hand, Dick Boxell, Steve Legendre, and his son Steve.

Chris has spent the off season fitting the Armadillo chain to the bike , which necessitates moving EVERYTHING on the bike, and building up the arsenal of power plants. The time of which meant we would not be able to attend the First race of the year at SGMP

Chris, Sharon Steve and Steve arrive at the track Friday Morning, we set up the mobile Redneck Compound and commence getting the bike ready, and as a result, we miss the first round of qualifying.

We continue to ready the bike for round 2 qualifying and fire it up, only just too late for making this pass either. We make the call for the last Qualifying run, as everything is either new or different we don’t really know what to expect.

Friday Night Qualifying Round 3 The call goes out and we push to the staging lanes.

Steve Squared go down track waiting for Chris to burnout to them but in the water box I do not pull him through the rut enough and the bike violently kicks sideways, Chris gets it shut down. I run ahead of the bike and indicate to Chris I am going to push him back, Chuck Stuart sees this and guides us back.

After we get Chris back, I go to get the heat gun to take tire and track temps, not realizing Chuck is trying to line us up. Chris lines up just a little off and when he launches , instead of the bike making a little hop sideways as usual, it goes exactly where pointed.

Chris smartly aborts the run about ½ track, as the bike is heading for the centerline, not the expected result but we are qualified #6. Early numbers reflect a decent run.

We get the bike back and all cylinders checkout good!

Race day Sunday –

The weather forcast is gloomy for the elimination rounds today, and it comes to fruition, first sprinkles, then clear , then more sprinkles leading to a weak rain front coming in our day is done, just after we have the bike ready.

We regret that we lost our friend and teammate Ronnie Geeslin this spring, He will be missed

We would like to recognize and thank our sponsors.
PECO Foods
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