ManCup Season Opener
37th Annual Exoticycle Spring Cup, presented by Roaring Toyz
April 6-8, 2018, in Adel, Georgia, at South Georgia Motorsports Park.
Redneck Express Race 1 of 2018

Leaks from the skies

The team for ManCup Race 1 Was Rider Chris Hand, Crewchief Sharon Hand, Steve Legende, and Dick Boxell. Friday Chris, Sharon and Steve Leave out Thursday afternoon and suffer a blown tire on the trailer, resulting in a very early Friday morning arrival. They drop the trailer off after getting into the gates and head to the motel as they drove all night, plus replacing the tire. The mobile Redneck Express Compound is set up with a lot of help from Bradley racing THANKS!! When Chris, Sharon and Steve return, the bike is on the stand, almost ready to prepare for the Friday Qualifier #1 Chris and we agree, due to the lateness of the day we will not be able to make the first qualifier today. We finish getting the bike fueled up and the oil tank warm to fire it off, to test all systems, we get the bike down and start it,
but when the Nitro is turned on massive fuel leak from in front of the supercharger. Chris shuts it off and we find the leak, clear it out and refire as the Top Fuel bikes are running down the track. It sounds a little fat so Chris makes a fuel change and we fire up the bike again and it sounds crisp and clean. We pack everything up and call it a night Saturday, Rain Wins Saturday arrives wet and continues all day. We take this day to catch up with friends and to put in some work. Steve and I change out the spare drive tire installing a new MT slick and polish up the double beadlock. Chris has one spare power plant built up to the head and another one built ready for cylinder and pistons. We decide to continue to build the power plants up. Chris takes REL and installs the cylinder and piston set, while Steve and I take Merlin and install the head, and under the watchful eye of Chris,
install the cams with Chris doing the timing numbers completely from memory, we get them set in about 15 minutes.
We then button the rest of the top off and put both Merlin and REL in their resting place in the trailer, calling it a day Sunday, Race day We arrive to the track under overcast skies, with the complete washout from Saturday Jay Regan decides to run Pro Qualifier #2 Session at 10:30 in the morning. We get the Redneck Express ready and warmed up, it sounds good and we are ready for the call. They call us up around 11:30 for the session.

We are first out after track preparations, we fire the bike roll through the water box and with Chuck Stuart guiding Chris from the front Chris burns out in the location Chuck points out, good burnout. Steve and the drafted Don Plesser push Chris and the Redneck Express back the SUPER sticky track Chris lines up , Sharon turns on the racepak , Chris stages up, lights flash , instant tire smoke,DAMMIT, Chris rolls off the throttle and lets it bite, then rolls on the throttle a little to get down the track. We get the bike back and start the after run procedure and in removing the spark plugs #2 won’t turn out! We go ahead and leak check the other 3 holes , all are acceptable, finally after a while with both Chris and I working on it forever we get #2 out , leak check it and it is dead out the exhaust. We pull the head in preparation to install another head Chris has but discover some of the build up parts are not in the trailer. As a result this ends our weekend of racing. Congratulations to Dave Vantine and Team on your win.
We would like to recognize and thank our sponsors.
PECO Foods, The first on any menu, Denny Hickman and Family
CP Pistons
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WebCam Camshafts
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