Super Tuner Profiles

Rhodney Dobson
                              1999 Dwight Drum

727 443-5330
Funny Bike Crew Chief

Rhod and Tom

How did you get to be a professional tuner?
"I've been with Tom Perry for 15 years. I tune his personal bike. Jay helped me with the nitrous."

What mental preparation do you have to do to get your bike ready for your rider?
"Set up ways, consult with Jay and Tom, service the clutch. Make decisions."

Do you go more by your computer or by your gut feelings?
"We go by the computer, unless the computer is down. It has been for the past couple of races and we get to set up by gut feelings. I learn from it."

Do you use your weather data or do you taste the air?
"We go by the weather station data and by past runs in similar situations and altitude. Jay will tell us sometimes. 'We got good air'."

How do you get up when your performance gets down?
"Go back and regroup. Discuss it. Often Tom and I will talk about what we could have done to make it better on the plane ride back home."

Who are your heroes?
"I don't know."

What do you do to relax?
"I don't relax at the races. I'm all work, no breaks until I get back to the motel room. Jay tells me I do the work of three guys. I tell them when they ask if I need help to just stand back. "

Are you happy?


What could make you happier?
"If my family could go with me to every race. My wife is very understanding, but I miss her and my two kids. My daughter is going to join me two races from now. I'm looking forward to that."

Additional Comments:
"We want to go fast and beat up on the other guys."

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