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A Family Man And A Soccer Mom.

Rob Korn and Lori Francis.

So what are these two people with traditional values doing on a dragstrip? Racing Harley Davidson motorcycles, Screamin Eagle style. From the dynamic logo to the precision machine, the Screamin Eagle Team is a crowd pleaser. The crowd loves noise with speed so when Rob Korn or Lori Francis performs a Harley Davidson burnout, a trademark rumble erupts into the stands, the ahhhs of the crowd echo back. When either inch to the line, more noise and speed are about to please. America's favorite name for motorcycle is a welcome entry in the competition on the fast track.

We caught Rob and Lori during a rain delay and had time to question these tandem members of the Screamin Eagle team. We asked Rob the questions first, because Rob was closest to the pit path where media interviewers lurk. Lori stepped forward to answer our questions:

Rob Korn

Do you have a nickname?


Who are your Heroes?

"John Myers."

What are your scariest moments?

"Getting out of the groove. (Rob smiles) Going home after the race, seeing my wife." (Rob laughs)

Do you work out?


Do you have a special diet?


What mental routine prepares you for each run?

"I just visualize what I'm going to do, and try to make it happen."

Do you have time for a hobby?


Many motorcyclists ride to unravel, what do you do to unwind?

"Remote Control."

What personal quality (one trait) would you want your fans to admire most?

"Hard work and dedication."

What's most important? 1.Fame 2.Money 3.Thrill/fun 4.Winning

"Thrill and the fun."

Are you happy?

"Oh, yeah."

What could make you happier?

"To race more on Sunday."

If you could change one thing about motorcycle drag racing, what would it be?

"I don't know."

If you could control one factor in motorcycle drag racing, what factor would you want to control the most?

"I don't know."

When driving a car, do you always wear a seatbelt? 1. Yes. 2. No. 3. If yes, really?

"Not always. Try to."

WHERE do you find the most peace in your life?

"At home with my family."

WHEN do you find the most peace in your life?


Do you have a full-time occupation?

"Harley service shop."

You're a skilled racer…What one factor, what one reason separates you from the fast traffic on smooth public highways?

"I don't have anything to prove on the highway. I'm a mellow driver."

Additional Comments?

"Well. We are out here hoping to be competitive with these guys for our fans."

We enjoyed our contact with both down-to-earth members of the Screamin Eagle team. Their loyalty to Harley-Davidson is obvious. Rob showed us humility and determination, a good mix of attributes that can become a recipe for winning. We searched for a single word to describe this steady racer, and we decided to accent his loyalty with:


But we went a little further and decided to give Rob a nickname:


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