Dennis Fisher’s Top Fuel / Nitro Funnybike For Sale

NFB #1 (2017) is for sale - this is a championship winning, record-setting nitro Harley. Built by Hawaya Racing, maintained by Hawaya Racing, tuned by Hawaya Racing. This bike has the best of the best and is ready to deliver ready to race with a fresh motor NOW. With the return of the AHDRA, you can win championships in two series!

Bike is equipped with a RacePak, RacePak dash, Busa fork and front wheel and dual disk brakes, Brembo master cylinders, stainless 2:1 exhaust, MSD ignition, EM timers and Hawaya’s state-of-the-art idle circuit. Chassis is Hawaya NFB specs, built by Weekend.

Many spares, full clutch program available, 167" top end if you want to go Top Fuel racing.
The $49,000 package includes –
Spare 150” cylinders w/pistons
Spare NFB Front Head
Spare NFB Rear Head
167” cylinders w/pistons
Spare 630 SHB welded chain
Spare (new) injector nozzle lines
Spare throttle body butterflies (used)
Spare throttle body butterflies (new)
Spare (new) 4.600 pistons, buttoned and turned
Spare pushrods (10)
Spare FX lifters (2)
Spare rod (used)
Spare rod (new)
Spare belt (used) Spare pressure plate
Spare rear brake line
Spare clutch cannon
Clutch packs – ready to race (6)
All RacePak data, run sheets and Dell laptop
NHRA mandated transponder for fuel cutoff and parachute deployment

One day of Steve Vickers’ tuning consulting at the track of your choice is included, based on Steve’s availability. You pay track, travel and related expenses, I’ll pay Steve’s daily crew chief charge. Other spares available to be negotiated – new set of heads, additional clutch packs. Riding assistance is available if desired.

This bike is fast, goes straight and is a ball to ride. This bike has run 6.6xx @ 200+ with the 150 CI motor and 6.5xx with the 167 CI top end.

$49,000 for a ready to ride, championship winning, record-setting Nitro Funny Bike.

If you're interested, call Dennis Fisher at 937-474-3828.


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